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    Sun Tanning Booths

    Sun Tanning Booths

    The Dangers of Sun Tanning Booths

    One thing’s for sure – tanning booths are not going to “cook” your internal organs, contrary to the common urban myth. But there are some very real dangers associated with sun tanning booths, and to protect yourself you need to be informed.สล๊อตเว็บตรงแตกง่าย

    The sun, tanning beds, and tanning lamps all emit ultraviolet (UV) rays. There are two types of UV rays, UVA and UVB. UVB is associated with sunburn, while UVA is linked to deeper, more penetrating radiation and long-term skin damage.

    Often, products labeled as tanning lotions or sprays will refer to the “UV index,” a measure of how stimulating the UV rays are. The UV index refers to the amount of UV rays that can penetrate the layer of your skin that’s responsible for tanning. Typically, a tanning bed or booth that utilizes UVB rays is associated with a higher index, while a traditional sunlamp depends more on UVA rays.Sun Tanning Booths

    Generally, it is safer to Challenge the validity of claims that certain lotions or sprays will result in a permanent tan. Your best bet is to consult with an experienced health care provider who can advise you on the safest tanning methods for your skin type.Sun Tanning Booths

    However, if you follow advise from reputable sources, including the Internet, you shouldn’t need a sunburn to get a nice, golden tan. Fortunately, there are self-tanning products that can leave you with a deep, dark tan for up to a week.Sun Tanning Booths

    formulate for sunless tanning or spray tanning?Sun Tanning Booths

    Many products on the market today include ingredients intended to stimulate a tanning response. Others are labeled as aloe vera, coconut oil, green tea, or other nutrients. Despite these claims, however, experts agree that these products do not affect the pigmentation of your skin.Sun Tanning Booths

    If you decide to choose a sunless tanning lotion or spray, research the claims before you buy the product. The most effective sunless tanning products are those that are marketed for use in vertical beds or in portable tanning implements. These products, which typically contain the lotions and sprays in conjunction with UV rays, generate a darker tan in a shorter amount of time than methods used in conventional tanning beds or in tanning booths.

    Another type of sunless tanning lotions and sprays are those whose only purposes are to protect you against burns from getting too much exposure to UV rays. Unlike with vertical tanning, however, when a tanning bed is used, these products’ only function is to protect you against burns from getting too much exposure to the UV rays. So, for a specific tan, a person might use a sunless tanning lotion that requires 15 minutes to work before needs to be reapplied, and then reapplies every 2 hours.Sun Tanning Booths

    Other types of sunless tanning products are designed to reduce the appearance of a tan. For example, products such as the anti-aging cosmetic hyaluronic acid, or the collagen booster collagen, work by causing a chemical reaction, which darkens skin. Similarly, products such as the antioxidant-rich beta carotene, or the skin-soothing botanical extract known as aloe vera, work by causing a chemical reaction that darkens skin cells. In contrast, sunless tanning products that are applied at home have no proven formula for success. Because of this, consider the safety of your choice of sunless tanning lotion or spray, and consider what it takes to make sure it works for you.Sun Tanning Booths

    Making Your Sunless Tan Last

    Even if you achieve a gorgeous sun-kissed glow, you will need to keep applying sunless tanning products to maintain your tan. Fortunately, there are ways to make your sunless tan last longer. Consider the following.

    1. Keep applying sunless tanning products even if it seems too rough for the type of skin you have. Some products are designed for a specific type of skin, and if you don’t use it the product will not work as well.

    2. Exfoliate, scrub and moisturize to keep skin smooth and to diminish the appearance of wrinkling and dryness. Use a gentle scrub to make your skin extra-clean.

    3. Use a good moisturizer to keep skin moist and to minimize itching. Adequate moisture will help prevent fading.

    4. To make sure you get an even tan, avoid washing with soapy water right after tanning. Use a dry run-of-mine soap. Dry soap will absorb more quickly in your skin and will help your tan last longer.


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